I had the opportunity to work across teams with Tara and want to share what an ideal contributor she is.  Tara and her team were outstanding at collaborating with my team. She developed great bench strength within her team and several individuals have grown into management positions.  She is a leader able to coach and develop her team.  I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.  Outstanding skill sets and a good heart don't come along everyday and it's my experience that Tara possesses both of these and more. 

-Dawn D.

As a manager Tara Dupuis alway took a holistic approach to her management style.  She mentored her team both professionally and encouraged us personally to alway be our best.   Her motto of "How can I help you succeed today?" made me feel that she always had my interest at heart as well as  working diligently to keep all of us focused on the task at hand. 

-Randy L.

Tara is a great leader.  She consistently brings out the best in those she leads and has a proven record in management and leadership. Tara is true to character, leads her life and team with a vision, knows how to plan and execute effectively.  She is an outstanding listener and communicator, holds herself and others accountable, knows how to build and maintain trust, and never gives up.   

-Jaime T.

Tara is so positive and driven. Tara is an intelligent, honest, and fair person. I have seen first hand, that her staff truly likes and respects her. She assesses situations, people quickly and is able to help or trouble-shoot problems just as efficiently.  Tara is a compassionate professional who understands the entire healthcare continuum. 

-Kelly H

Tara is an amazing Leader.  She brings out the best in her people by encouraging, empowering and motivating them. 

-Kyra H.

Tara is a very dedicated and passionate person.  She makes a difference by really caring about others.  Tara puts her heart and soul into her work, always supporting and training her employees going above and beyond expectation. Her strength is building long lasting relationships within the community.  Tara is highly respected for her outstanding management style and dedication within the healthcare industry. 

-Kasi T.